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If you want to be in the know about what’s going on at our organization, you’ve come to the right place.

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Cougars Apollo and Lakai were transferred from the Dallas Zoo to CARE last more...

This holiday season, we are reflecting on the past year, and it sure was eventful! more...

We took in this tiny girl in October, and after an auction to raise funds for her initial care, we finally have a name, and a beautiful tribute to go with more.

A New Home is Needed After an extensive search, CARE, with it's long history of providing world class care to big cats, was asked by the Dallas Zoo to give two mountain lions a new, permanent more.

On August 16th, 2017 CARE staff headed out to take a trip several states away to pick up a special more.

On March 12th, 2017 the Nat Geo Wild channel brought two veterinary specialists out to CARE to film a mass removal from white tiger, Flash, for the show Animal more.

If you have been following along, you know that on July 17th, we were brought a two month old baby more.

On June 30th, 2017 CARE suffered an unthinkable loss when 5 year old Mwali unexpectedly more.

This winter and spring has been exceptional for the animals here at CARE! Many of our residents received fancy new upgrades to their more.

Before I formally introduce CARE's four new and precious gifts, I must first give you a bit of perspective into CARE the organization and what CARE really stands more.

Today is the day many of you have been waiting for – the grand opening of the CARE Safari more.

Big cats in captivity need a lot of specialized care, including exceptional enclosures that will provide them with the space, enrichment, and protection that they need to be happy and more.

The Parker family from West Texas arrived in Bridgeport this week to give CARE a special more.

Early last week CARE took a little roadtrip to pick up a new resident. Meet Max the 5 month old more.

It has been a crazy (and very scary) few days, but we really wanted to take some time to do a proper update on how things are more.

If you have been keeping up with lion cubs Araali and Zuberi, then you know about the illness that they have been battling for months, commonly known as Wobbler’s more.

Some of you may know both Araali and Zuberi have been experiencing some difficulty more.

Since the time we took in our troop of lemurs, they have had created a lot of more.

CARE is currently enjoying it's 10th year in operation, and we have been so incredibly fortunate to have had the tremendous support that YOU have given us over the last more.

On March 14th we were a little surprised when someone brought a one month old llama with an injured back leg to more.

Brownie Troop 1505, a troop that meets in Euless, TX, contacted us at the beginning of the year with an more.

Big cats in captivity are very interesting creatures who can develop very specific, sometimes quirky, tastes and habits over more.

If you have been following any of our social media accounts, you probably know that Arctic the snow leopard has been under the weather more.

Our latest addition to the CARE family is a South American coati named more.

Aside from providing a safe haven to over 50 exotic animals, the Center for Animal Research and Education works vigorously to provide positive services and supportive relations to the local Wise County more.