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Sex: Male
Born: August 10, 2002
Loving Adoptive Parent: Trace Chinworth - Fort Worth, TX
Loving Sponsors: Sarah Amann - Houston, TX and Jane & Sarah Benning - Los Alamitos, CA

Milo was a troubled soul. He was bought as a pet by woman who was mistakenly informed that a leopard would make a wonderful companion. To add to the misinformation, the woman was talked into viciously declawing Milo. It was a horrible choice that Milo will have to suffer with for the rest of his life. As a cub, he was a cute little thing and his owner would wait on him hand-and-foot, feed him at the dining room table, and let him snuggle up to her in bed.

However, leopards don’t stay tiny and harmless forever. Leopards are not only wild and dangerous but are likely one of the most dangerous of all big cats. Once Milo outgrew his welcome (and his owner’s bed) he found a new home at CARE. He went from being pampered in a lovely, warm house all of his life, to being put into an outdoor enclosure all by himself. Although his enclosure is state of the art, he stopped trusting humans and decided he was better off alone. Milo needs caregivers, sponsors and adoptive parents with patience. In the past years he has spent at CARE he has learned to trust a few people. With each passing year, he trusts more and more. He is so worth the wait… his wild spirit is mesmerizing and his gaze will hypnotize you!