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Sex: Female
Born: July 15, 1997
Loving Adoptive Parents: The Arnold Family - Arlington, TX; Tony Romeo - Milbrae, CA; and Crystal & Dana McKinney - Columbia, MD
Loving Sponsor: Kathy Kelehan - Los Angeles, CA
Lifetime Guardian: Brian and Carol Harney

Raven is a sweet and sassy black leopard who is considerably smaller than average. Don’t let her size fool you. She can hold her own, but her petite frame coupled with her great affection towards humans makes her one of the favorites here at CARE. Raven is always open to a new friend, especially one who give her lots of time and love.

Raven is CARE's oldest cat and suffers from arthritis. Because leopards love to climb high and jump around, Raven was moved to CARE's Vet Center so that her movement could be restricted so she does not accidentally hurt herself. Her enclosure is set up to provide all the comfort that we can provide - a soft mattress, blankets, pillow, soft toys, a low platform (so she can still feel like she is up high, without being too far off of the ground), an indoor area with a/c and heat,  and other amenities. Plus, she gets to be around all the activity at the front of the facility and get lots and lots of attention and love from her CAREtakers on a regular basis. We could not adore our Raven more!