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L. serval

Family: Felidae
Sub-family: Felinae
Genus: Leptailurus
Conservation Status: Least Concern 
Habitat: Africa

Servals are medium-sized wild cats native to Africa, especially in sub-Saharan countries. Servals are slender, with a small head and large ears. They have a golden-yellow coat with black spots and stripes and a short tail. Servals have the longest legs of any cat relative to its body size.

Servals tend to be solitary, except for mothers with their young. Kittens will stay with their mothers until they are about a year old and then go off on their own.

Servals prey on rodents, birds, frogs, insects, and reptiles. They are one of the most successful hunters of all cat species, with a success rate of about 62%. They can kill 15-16 prey animals in a day.