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Sex: Female
Born: March 17, 2003
Loving Adoptive Parents: Michael Wolter, Ft. Worth, TX and Cindy Lynch, Freehold, NJ
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE

Sydney is a wild spirit. She enjoys the company of her cage-mate, Rasa. She used to have Layla the lion as a roommate too!. The dynamic of this group was interesting. Sydney, a very dominant tiger had difficulty understanding Layla’s rules and regulations. Sydney wanted to rule the roost but wanted to have fun doing it. Layla takes life very seriously and is really bossy. It was hard to determine who the alpha female was in the group. Sydney is a large female and constantly gave Layla a run for her money. All this changed when Layla moved in with male lion, Sampson. Now everything is peaceful in Rasa and Sydney's world.

Towards humans, Sydney is loving and interactive. She loves to be sprayed with the water hose to keep cool in the summer. In the winter she simply dumps her water bucket over and lies in muddy water - she loves it, but it is really annoying when you are trying to refill her water and she just keeps dumping it out. She is never boring...always on the move, looking for her next mischievous moment.