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CARE Responds to Ohio Tragedy

The dedicated caregivers, volunteers, and board members of the Center for Animal Research and Education are devastated following the terrible events which took place in Ohio this week. We are tremendously saddened by this tragic loss of life, and our hearts go out to all who have been adversely affected by this event.

Understandably, all eyes will turn towards big cat facilities across the country with greatly increased scrutiny and apprehension. During this time we must remember that this was an isolated incident involving a deeply troubled man at a poorly run private site. In light of this tragedy, officials will surely enact the necessary regulations to protect the public and big cats from harm. Back yard pets and sub-standard private facilities, like the one in Ohio, will surely be closed. As these isolated collections are seized, more and more big cats will be in need of rescue, and there will be a greater than ever need for professional and well-equipped rescue organizations to take in these animals; animals who want nothing more than a comfortable and secure home.

We at CARE have dedicated our lives to giving our big cats the best life possible in a safe and controlled environment- which makes it so difficult for us to comprehend the reprehensible acts of such an apparently disturbed individual. We urge you to please have faith and support for all of the appropriately regulated, well organized, and loving organizations such as ours who give top notch care and safe housing for big cats all across the United States.