One of the most important programs at CARE is our Adoption and Sponsorship Program. By symbolically adopting or sponsoring an animal, your monthly donation will help keep them fed, cover their veterinary costs and medicine, and help purchase enrichment items needed to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

You can choose to send your donation on a monthly or yearly basis through PayPal, bank draft, or check by mail. Please get in touch with us for bank drafts or other methods. More details about your adoption or sponsorship are below.

Please email us once you have chosen to adopt or sponsor to let us know which animal you have chosen. ALL animals are available to adopt or sponsor at any time.

**Please note that PayPal donations are debited every 30 days starting the day you sign up. CARE cannot access your account, or modify your donation.




Big Cat Adoptions: $100 or more a month
Other Adoptions: $50 or more a month (includes small cats, lemurs, llama, or tortoise)

Your Adoption Includes:

  • A custom 8 x 10 photo and certificate of adoption
  • The opportunity to visit your animal anytime that CARE is open (must schedule ahead of time)
  • You will be listed as an Adoptive Parent on your animal’s profile page
  • Your adoption donation is 100% tax-deductible
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Stripes Club Sponsorship: $50 a month
Spots Club Sponsorship: $25 a month

*All animals can be sponsored at the Stripes or Spots level

Your Sponsorship Includes:

  • A custom 8x10 photo and certificate of sponsorship 
  • The opportunity to visit your animal by appointment (up to 4 times a year)
  • You will be listed as a Sponsor on your animal’s profile page
  • Your sponsorship donation is 100% tax deductible.
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Thank you to our current Parents and Sponsors for your support!