Operation Cool Cats

Immediate help is needed to protect the big cats from the extreme heat!

It is hard to believe summer is nearly here again. CARE suffered catastrophic loss due to the record breaking heat and drought of 2011. The loss of trees, vegetation, water for wells and life made the summer of 2011 the most brutal time CARE has experienced. CARE added 7 trees to the half a billion trees lost due to the drought last year in Texas alone.

Day after day we watched the cats try to stay cool in the 100+ degree temperatures. It was heartbreaking. The metal swimming pools were more like hot tubs. Intern and volunteer energies were placed fully on spraying the cats with cool water which was a constant drain on our limited water source and our manpower.

CAREgivers live in fear that 2012 could also prove to be a repeat of the 2011 summer. In order to survive another summer we must focus on shade and concrete swimming pools. We need your help. Please consider a donation to CARE’s “Operation Cool Cats”. The total cost of the project will exceed $25,000. We need to have the money raised by May 31st so we can complete the project in June before the summer heat hits it's height.

At the completion of the project every cat will have more shade and every tiger will have a swimming pool.

New platforms to offer shade built for 3 tigers last year

Consider sending a letter to friends or businesses that may be able to help CARE. The more people who know about CARE, the greater the chance that “Operation Cool Cats” will succeed.

The time is now to open your heart. Please, take a few minutes and consider a gift to CARE today. Remember every penny counts and all donations are tax-deductible! Whatever you can give makes a difference.

Finally, we invite you to come by our sanctuary and visit the cats whose lives you are improving. Watch the cats play in the pools and enjoy the shade you helped create.

Thank you very much for being a part of our CARE family and hope to see you soon!