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CARE 2020 Fall Festival

There is no doubt that the way we do a lot of things has changed during the pandemic. But two things stayed the same. First, we still have 50 animals at CARE that continue to need our love and care. Second, we still love to celebrate the fall season! 

Join us on November 27th at 12 pm CST on YouTube for the premier of a CARE Fall Festival event like no other!   

We know this year has been especially hard for many - so we are offering this event completely free to anyone who wants to join. whether you donate or not. 

However, we still have an obligation to take care of the 50 animals that call CARE home and the Fall Festival is typically one of our largest fundraising events of the year. So, if you can give, please give a little extra. 

Donations of any amount are welcome, but we have a few special opportunities to tell you about. You can visit our fundraising page for more information and to make a donation here

Event Details

We will be premiering the 2020 Fall Festival Tour on November 27th at 12pm CST on our YouTube channel, CARE Rescue Texas. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive reminders and notifications about the event. 
Even though the tour will be pre-recorded, when you tune in at the premier time, you will be able to watch the whole festival along with everyone else at the same time and join in a live chat with fellow CARE supporters and CARE staff! Don't worry though, if you can't tune in at the scheduled time, you will be able to watch (and re-watch) the event any time you want.  

Watch the animals play with pinatas, pumpkins, and presents and listen in on a fun and educational tour with Derek, Jamie, Destiny, and Heidi! Plus, we have a few surprises up our sleeves for you.   

The best thing about doing a virtual fall festival (other than keeping staff, animals, and visitors safe from the virus) is that everyone can attend, no matter where you are and no matter what your financial situation!  Remember, a donation is not required, but is appreciated.  We hope this Festival brings a much-needed smile to everyone's faces!

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors for this event. They all made it possible for us to offer this event to everyone.

Corporate Sponsors

First State Bank

Advanced Foam Recycling

Decatur Town Square

Enclosure Sponsors

Lindsy Thomas

Laura Werner

Laura Sadtler

Drew Gibson

Joe & Diana Goldesberry

The Ray Family

Beth Trussel

Individual Sponsors

Andrew & Kelli Rottner

Eimear Thornton

Michele Svatos

Julie Maguire

Mary Ely

Nicolina & Cameron Day

Douglas Dodge

Amber Drew

Whitney Kokalis

Mary Clark

Danielle Mills

Tyler Lawton

Chris Dutle

Cherie Austin, Hannah Austin, and Richard Snyder

Melanie Klein

Kelli McConnell


Heather Dodge

Kim Swaner

Jessica Goodrich

Lydia and Ben Frederick

Julie Dougherty

Sandra Blum

Sharon Brusturis

Laura Hickey

Melissa Westfall

Barbara Deluca

Kara & Steve Van Duzee

Lisa Kittredge

Corinne and Michael Doncer


Chris Nicolson