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Tiger-Sized Dental Surgery

Our beloved Rasa has struggled with a painful dental condition for many years -- two of her large eye teeth (yes, they’re called ‘eye’ teeth) have grown in sideways. This not only makes eating difficult, but is also a major concern for her health and can even include the possibility of her teeth breaking off someday. As you could imagine, finding a dentist has been difficult.

Tinkerbell is one of the oldest residents at CARE. At 19 years old, Tinkerbell had dental issues (like many cats her age), but we did not know how extensive they were until she was sedated and worked on.

Dr. Peter Emily (founder of this amazing organization) and his team arrived with smiles and an eagerness to get to work. This group is dedicated to helping animals in need of dental care. They provide their services free of charge to animals such as Rasa and Tinkerbell. Dr. Emily says, “If it has a mouth, we will work on it!” Dr Emily’s primary purpose in this visit wasn’t for him to work himself. His was mostly in an advisory and teaching role that day.

Dr. Emily is presently training a team of veterinary medical professionals from all over the country (pictured below). “There are many animals in need and I can’t do them all,” Dr Emily said, “…it is hard not to jump in and do the work myself.” Dr Emily’s expertise was necessary a few times when the team encountered a problem requiring a surgery method they’ve never seen before.

The team was amazing and a dream come true for all of us at CARE. A Big Thanks to all of you who have donated your time to give Tinkerbell and Rasa a better life! We at CARE are humbled by your selfless work. Please learn more and thank the doctors at PEIVDF on the web at Now our kitties can eat their dinner without their mouths hurting! Thanks PEIVDF! Also a Special Thank You goes out to Pizza Hut of Bridgeport for generously providing lunch to over 20 volunteers during the Surgery!

Read about the surgery and see pictures on the PEIVDF website HERE.