Sex: Male
Born: March 12, 2022
Loving Adoptive Parents: AVAILABLE
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE


In the spring of 2023, Texas authorities confiscated six Asian leopard cats and 12 hybrids from a breeding situation. Three of the leopard cats went to another sanctuary, and our friends at Wildwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Amarillo kindly took in the 12 hybrids - Bengal cats that are bred from leopard cats and domestic cats.

The remaining three Asian leopard cats found a home here. Loki is one of the two males and was in the roughest shape when they got here. Unfortunately Loki had a condition called entropion which means that his eyelids turn inwards causing hair and skin to rub against his eyes. We decided to have the condition corrected surgically, which was successful. However, because of the friction on his eyes for so long, Loki did lose most of his sight.

Still, he has become very comfortable in his environment with the other two leopard cats and Juno, our margay, who has become really close to him. All four are getting along and snuggling with each other while they sleep the days away.