Sex: Male
Born: March 12, 2022
Loving Adoptive Parents: Brenton and Amy Pavel - Forney, TX
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE

In the spring of 2023, Texas authorities confiscated six Asian leopard cats and 12 hybrids from a breeding situation. Three of the leopard cats went to another sanctuary, and our friends at Wildwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Amarillo kindly took in the 12 hybrids - Bengal cats that are bred from leopard cats and domestic cats.

The remaining three Asian leopard cats found a home here. Roman is one of the two males. He is the largest of the group, and the toughest! He really is a nice guy that just wants to have a good time, but being so little, it's important to act tough so people know not to mess with you. After quarantining the three leopard cats, we decided to introduce them all to Juno, our margay, since she is the same size and all by herself. The introduction went great, and all four are getting along and snuggling with each other while they sleep the days away. 

Unfortunately Roman and the other male Loki have some health issues. Roman has permanent degeneration of his sinuses, which means he will have life-long issues with sinus infections. But, we will make sure he has the best care he can possibly receive here so he lives as healthy and happy of a life possible!