May 19 1988 - December 5, 2006

Loving Adoptive Parent: Marsha Little


Each cat at CARE is unique and special, but Adderly was particularly special as he sought over the years to tame his wildness, and to share this beautiful spirit with those who were close to him. It wasn’t easy for Adderly. Even though he was born in captivity; he especially exuded the spirit of his ancestors in the wild. He preferred to be alone, and somewhat distant from his human companions. Deep down he desired to express his loving spirit, but his wild instinct seemed to take over, making it hard for him to be with people. His spirit was beautiful in itself, but as he grew older, he made a courageous transformation. The love within him began to take over, and he allowed people to come in and share his beautiful soul. It wasn’t easy for him, as he straddled two worlds. Yet, I believe that was his greatest gift-sharing such a wild spirit and sharing love. He was unique and special, and will be greatly missed. Adderly died peacefully in his sleep, December 5th, 2006 at the age of 18.