1993 - 2011

CARE is saddened by the recent loss of Angel and Ridgley, two gentle Axis deer who lived on the CARE compound for the past 18 years. Ridgley and Angel had become a favorite during CARE tours. The girls arrived in Bridgeport when they were just one day old. Ridgley arrived with a shattered leg and Angel was abandoned by her mother. Dr. Larry Emerson DVM of Grapevine, Texas headed a team that repaired Ridgley’s leg and spent many hours helping her rehabilitate. He told us her survival probability was 5%. Who would have ever believed she would not only survive, but live an amazing 18 years longer? After so many years, Ridgley’s leg finally failed to function, and she passed on March 3. At that time, Angel was the picture of health. She spent the next five days searching for her lifetime friend, and she passed away peacefully on the fifth night. They are together once again. Although it may bring a tear to our eyes we must also celebrate the long lives they lived and the joy the two brought to all of us. We’ll miss you.