1982 - October 30, 2005

Loving Adoptive Parents: Paul Frey and Curtis Hutson


One of the most beautiful creatures that ever blessed the grounds of CARE was our Brutus or “Papa” as he was often called. Many years ago, with nowhere to go, a terrified and angry African Lion found his home in Bridgeport. His life of abuse and neglect were evident by the scars on his face. No one could escape his awesome presence, incredible power, and great demand for respect. Endless love, compassion and selflessness given by the CARE family allowed Papa to become the cornerstone and protector of all who entered the gates of CARE. We celebrate the 15 years of trust and love he learned to share. On October 30, 2005, due to old age, Brutus (Papa) was laid to rest at the estimated age of 23. We celebrate the phenomenal life and gift of Papa and all the dedicated individuals he grew to love.