September 11, 1990 – June 10, 2011

Loving Adoptive Parent: Marsha Little


CARE is greatly saddened by the loss of one of its brightest burning sparks, KC the tiger. For years KC was the oldest cat in the entire facility, but her spirit was always youthful, and she never let a little thing like advanced age slow her down. By all means, she was a TIGER. She was the definite article, the real deal. Now that is not to say that CARE’s other 35 tigers are not tigers to the core, because they are most definitely so, it’s just that KC was different. In her movements, in her actions, and in her eyes she was a true example of all the things which makes a tiger a tiger- she was fierce, proud, intuitive, instinctual, and beautiful. She was a straight shooter, and you could always expect KC to be KC. She walked her own walk, and she sang her own tune, and even when she passed the 20 year mark (VERY old for tigers) she still held herself so strong, as if there was a divine fire burning hot inside of her.

We love you Kisses, and we hope you’re running free and majestic wherever you are. We’ll miss you!