Born May 19, 1991

I can’t say Good-bye to my best friend…
We think of best friends as those who are:
Always there for us
Never judgmental
They make you laugh when you want to cry
They make you cry when you need to cry.
One touch of their hand gives clam to a troubled heart
The memories you share are both bitter and sweet
They are there to celebrate the good times
They more importantly do not leave your side no matter how bad the outlook.
There is something about having a best friend that makes the world okay

I can’t say Good-bye to my best friend…

I was there for her at nine days old. I held her and kissed her, fed her and cleaned her and she grew. I loved her and she loved me. She was there when I married and for the birth of my children. She was there for me when I divorced and I thought the world would end. She brought me back to my feet always lending me her heart when I needed it most. I may have helped her take her first steps, but she has been the one who has kept me walking forward, ever since.

We spent the last week together. I had to be with her in the end. When the life left her body I wanted to say good-bye to my best friend. It is so hard to say goodbye to someone who has been with you through so much of your life… I guess I prefer saying until we meet again.

I can’t say good-bye to my best friend
Her name was Lacy.
We spent 16 years together.
She was my first tiger.
I will miss her.
Until we meet again my sweet best friend – Heidi Krahn