July 31, 2009 - February 7, 2024
Loving Sponsor: Chris Dutle - Grapevine, TX

This week we made the tough decision to euthanize Lakai. Almost two years ago he was diagnosed with disc degeneration and spinal stenosis. While we were able to keep his pain under control for a while, our efforts stopped working and his back gave out. We didn’t want him to be in any more pain. 

We have been honored to care for this handsome guy for the last six years and share our grief with his former caretakers at the Dallas Zoo - and you all, who we know were captivated by his beauty and his often adorable, yet slightly grumpy personality, just like we were. We love you Lakai and miss you! 

Lakai's Bio

In fall 2009, Lakai’s mother was illegally shot in Alberta and he was taken from the wild when he was less than 3 months old. Before coming into human care, he developed frostbite on his right ear, causing him to lose most of it. Lakai was first given a home at Calgary Zoo and then transferred to the Dallas Zoo where he was introduced to Apollo, where the two males spent the next 7 years together. 

In January 2018, the zoo decided to permanently close the oldest enclosures in their park - where the two mountain lions were living - and approached CARE to give them a home where they could retire. 

Lakai adjusted wonderfully to his new home. He is perfectly happy enjoying a quiet life curled up in a nook or watching the cows on the neighboring property. He is not a very social fellow, but he has his favorite people and will grace them with his handsome presence - usually looking for treats.