April 28, 1982 - July 30, 2006

Momma arrived 18 years ago terrified, and in desperate need of love. Momma came to CARE with a kind heart, despite her previous abusive home. She was Brutus’ loyal companion, as he was her strength and protection. Side by side, they began their journey together. They learned to trust their new surroundings, and accepted the unconditional love given to them at CARE. From that point on, they were home. Their roars were proud and strong, as they became the “pride” of CARE. Thank you for donating your time and love to CARE. Your giving has allowed Momma to live peaceful fulfilling life that she rightfully deserved. In this time of mourning for our loss, we are reminded that Momma is in a better place. Her spirit is now whole again as she is reunited with her soul mate, Brutus. Together, their spirits will live in our hearts. The story of Brutus and Momma will continue to inspire us. Hopefully, they will remind all of us that together we can embrace life and make a difference.