Sex: Female
Born: December 25, 2011
Loving Adoptive Parent: Marsha Little - Richmond, VA
Loving Sponsor: Melissa Westfall - Greenwich, CT

In our humble opinion, Noel is a perfect lioness, both loving and fierce. She loves to play, especially soccer with her bowling balls first thing in the morning - it helps get the blood going and start the day off right! She loves attention from visitors and especially from her CAREtakers. She has always been one of the more people-oriented cats at CARE. She is famous for her flops and flips that she gives out to her favorite people when she gets excited to see them. Even though she is getting older, she still is still very much a cub at heart!

From the time she was 6 months old until she was 5, she shared her life with a male lion named Mwali. Unfortunately Mwali passed away unexpectantly in 2017. His passing left us all devastated, and none more so than Noel. We asked our supporters to send Noel some stuffed animals to give her something to play and cuddle with as she transitioned to life alone. What happened was something we will never forget - hundreds of stuffed animals arrived, day after day, to help Noey with her grief. And it helped her so much!

Since Noel, a very social lion, lives alone now - we make sure we spend lots and lots of time with her.