Sex: Female
Born: 2013
Loving Adoptive Parent: AVAILABLE
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE

Yolo arrived at CARE on April 10th, 2015 at almost 2 years old. A local llama breeder had heard that Dahlia was looking for a new friend. They had a young female that they wanted to come live at CARE to help keep Dahlia company.

Yolo looks very different from Dahlia and acts differently too. Where Dahlia seeks human companionship, Yolo only needs the company of Dahlia. She is shy around people, never wanting to get too close. But, her curiosity sometimes gets the best of her and she has begun to get closer and closer to her CAREtakers as time goes on. We know she will never be as comfortable with humans as Dahlia, but that is ok. Dahlia absolutely loves her, and she loves Dahlia. As long as the two are best friends, it is all that matters!