Sex: Male
Born: March 30, 2023
Loving Adoptive Parents: AVAILABLE
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE


Little Lucien (or Luey for short) is only the second known margay in the United States (aside from our very own Juno).

He came to us from the Houston Zoo where he was being taken care of during a federal investigation after he was confiscated.  In January of 2023, Luey came to his forever home at CARE and we hope he’ll be a forever companion to Juno. 

It will be a little while before we can introduce Luey to Juno, he is still pretty young at around 8 months old and has some growing to do. But, he has settled in without a hitch and is healthy and happy! We can’t stress how important it is that Juno and Luey will have each other. Juno gets along with the leopard cats just fine, but they are not like her. We are so thankful that her being with them has worked out as well as it has so she wasn’t alone, but it’s not the same as having another of her species to live with. With no other known margays in our country, to have these two be able to be margays together is incredible.