Sex: Female
Born: April 12, 2002
Loving Adoptive Parents: Lee and Cindy Lawson – TX
Loving Sponsors: Melanie Piccolo - Depew, NY

In her youth, Allie was a very high-spirited. She lived with her much larger brother, Archie. Usually, in a situation where a male and female live together, the male would be the dominant one in the pair. Not so with Allie and Archie! Allie wore the pants in the relationship and never put up with any nonsense from her brother. But, despite her bossing Archie around, the two were very close and loved each other dearly. 

Now Allie is one of the oldest cats at CARE. She's on her own now that Archie passed away, but she spends her time flirting with her younger neighbors Nadal and Divali. She has turned into such a sweet old lady. Every day with Allie is a blessing!