Sex: Male
Born: October 18, 2014
Loving Adoptive Parents: Tyler Lawton - Cameron Park, CA and Geoffrey Steinberg - Philadelphia, PA 
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE

Slade and his brother Boomer are two massive tigers who came to live at CARE in the Fall of 2014 when they were still tiny cubs. They belonged to a private owner in Florida who was looking for a good home for them to grow up and live the rest of their lives. The owner contacted us to see if we would be able to care for them, and the rest is history. 

When the boys first arrived, they were tiny and sweet. Once they started getting bigger - and they got A LOT bigger fast - they were always getting into all kinds of trouble! All these boys wanted to do was bite, bite, bite on everything. Slade was a non-stop terror. He never seemed able to calm down and was always a big bully to his brother. For several years as they grew they were total chaos and mayhem. 

The brothers were eventually separated when maturity led to aggression towards one another. They are still neighbors though and spend time together, just with the protection of a fence between them - which they both prefer. 

These tiny cubs grew into two massive tigers - nicknamed "The Monsters" simply because of their sheer size and strength. But they have mellowed in their adult years, becoming loving, goofy guys who spend their time snuffling at people trying to get attention, stalking tour groups, and eating a ton!