Sex: Male
Born: January 27, 1988
Loving Adoptive Parents: Laura Macias - Red Oak, TX
Loving Sponsors: Annie DiMattia - Wilmington, DE

Godzilla came to us from a private owner who rescued and cared for him for 16 years. Godzilla was already around 14 years old when he was given a home. Over the years Godzilla grew and grew and finally outgrew the area he was housed in. So, his owner placed him with us knowing we could give him the space that would accommodate him.

Godzilla is a really cool guy. He is really social and active. He follows people around the yard when he isn't doing his daily perimeter checks. He enjoys his favorite treats - cactus pads, aloe, strawberries, and beets. And, he loves taking long soaks in his pool and getting his shell brushed. When you scratch his shell, he even does a little dance. We are so happy to have our very own living dinosaur on the property!