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CARE is proud to partner with Dr. Brian Davis of Texas A&M University and Dr. Jan Janecka of Duquesne University, founders of The Exotic Genome Repository. CARE has provided tissue and genetic samples and data from many of the big cats that reside here to help preserve these species in the future. For more information, including how other big cat facilities can participate, please visit


“The CARE facility provides essential support and resources for research on tigers, snow leopards, and other felids that is critical for ensuring their survival, both in captivity and the wild. All animals maintained at the facility are valuable representatives of the gene pool of the species to which they belong. Research on these samples is being conducted to understand important phenotypes, such as the variable coat color of tigers and the adaptation of snow leopards to high altitude along with understanding diseases such as cancer. Biopsies from both normal and diseased tissues are needed to identify the mechanisms of disease progression and target for treatments. Support for CARE not only provides for the management and wellbeing of individual animals maintained at the facility, but the necessary sample required for advancing science that will ensure the future of these remarkable animals” - Dr. Jan E. Janecka, Ph.D.