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Sex: Female
Born: April 2015
Loving Adoptive Parents: Stephen Pedersen - Tucson, AZ
Loving Sponsors: Tracyann Reynolds - Wisconsin; Daniel and Heather McElhaney - Irving, TX; and Amy Bachman - Union, IA

On June 3rd, 2015, 9 year-old Carlos Perez and his family discovered a tiny bobcat kitten on a construction site. They waited a day to see if the mother would come back for her kitten. Once she didn’t, they took her home and called us to see if we could take her in. Executive Director, Heidi Krahn, rushed to their home in Paradise, TX not knowing what to expect. Was she sick, injured, afraid or was it just a tabby kitten mistaken for a bobcat? When Heidi arrived, she knew it was definitely a bobcat, around 8-10 weeks old. She looked dehydrated, but other than that, healthy. Carlos had taken very good care of her, he had even built her a little “habitat” to stay in. The most surprising thing about the situation was that she was perfectly at home in the family’s arms. They were sad to see her go, especially young Carlos, but knew that it was the best thing for her.

The baby purred the whole way back to CARE. Initially, because of her complete lack of fear around people, Heidi thought she might have been a pet. But, certain behaviors made it seem more likely that she was separated from her mother. We think the separation occurred because of all the floods here in N. Texas in May. Carlos had asked if he could name her Mia, so we officially called her Mia de la Trinity in honor of the little boy who took care of her and the Trinity River that was responsible for much of the flooding in our area.

Unfortunately, because she bonded so quickly with the people who found her and is completely comfortable with anyone and everyone, we felt it too dangerous to try and rehab her and release her to live in the wild. Her disposition and lack of fear means she will likely always seek out people as a source of food and comfort. We will give her the best home we can though and we absolutely adore her. 

*As a reminder, if you do find any wildlife, especially babies – please do not remove them from where they are. Often times, their mothers are nearby. If you notice that their mother has not come back, please do not pick them up! Wild animals can carry many diseases, and even brief contact with people can lead to them not having a chance of being rehabbed and released. Call local authorities or a rescue in your area who will know what to do next.