Sex: Female
Born: December 1, 2016
Loving Adoptive Parents: Mikaela Lemieux - East Hampton, CT and Sandra Blum - San Antonio, TX
Loving Sponsors: Emily Warwas - Cuero, TX

Malika is a Siberian Lynx and is absolutely beautiful. With her long legs, gorgeous eyes, and sleek ear tufts, she has super-model looks. Malika is part of the group of 5 cats that CARE took in from a private facility in Florida in the Fall of 2018. Since she has arrived, she has seemed perfectly at home. She's calm, sweet, and playful. She immediately was exploring her enclosure as soon as she was released. She found several of her toys right away and gave them a few bats before crawling into one of the houses and taking a well-deserved nap! 

Now Malika spends her time climbing the highest platforms in her enclosure, lounging by her pool and waterfall, and playing with her cougar neighbors Ruby and Will. She can be a little aloof sometimes when she isn't in the mood for visitors, but most of the time she is happy to come say hi and rub her face all over the fence in greeting. 

Even though she is very friendly with people and not one of the bigger cats here at CARE, she is still to be respected! One look at her dagger teeth and icepick claws is enough to make you proceed with caution! 

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