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Siberian Lynx

L. lynx

Family: Felidae
Sub-family: Felinae
Genus: Lynx
Conservation Status: Least Concern 
Habitat: Siberia, Central, Eastern, and Southern Asia, Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe

Siberian Lynx, also known as Eurasian Lynx, is a medium-sized wild cat that is the largest of the four lynx species. They are known for their powerful, relatively long legs and large, furred paws that act like snowshoes. They also have a short "bobbed" tail with an all-black tip, black tufts of hair on its ears, and a long grey-and-white ruff.

Lynx are powerful predators and have been known to take down full-grown deer weighing over 300 lbs., even though the top weight of a male Siberian lynx only reaches about 84 lbs.