Sex: Male
Born: April 1, 2006
Loving Adoptive Parents: Jon and Agne Cowie - Kent, UK; and Bugs & Ashes Inc - DFW, TX
Loving Sponsors: AVAILABLE

Jakey is part of the group of four siblings called "The Babies" that consisted of two brothers (Luca and JP) and one sister (Allucia). Jakey was the runt of his litter and at less than one day old, weighed 1 ½ pounds. It was obvious his deep dark stripes and deep orange color made him special. He was a twin of our Jake, the official CARE mascot. They looked so much alike. Knowing Jake’s lifelong nightmare was about to come to an end, we named the little one Jakey.

Jakey (aka Baby Jake) is now grown and carries on Jake’s mission. Jakey is now the living mascot of CARE. He is blessed with the spirit of our Jake but has developed a personality of his own. He is bright and energetic, and as you can see by his pictures, he is no longer a runt.