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Sex: Female
Born: Spring 2017
Loving Adoptive Parents: The Karr Family - North Las Vegas, NV 
Loving Sponsors: Ginger Parker - Hurst, TX; Melinda and Elena Wright - San Antonio, TX; and Imogen Hopper - Lane Cove North, Australia


On August 16th, 2017 CARE staff headed out to take a trip several states away to pick up a special package. Early in the morning on the 17th, they arrived at CARE with a little bundle of stripes and snuffles - a 3-4 month old female tiger.

An individual had contacted us weeks before asking if we could take in, and permanently care for, this young tiger with an uncertain future. She is a bit small for her age, but is in mostly good condition and is both sweet and spunky - per usual tiger fashion. We held a little contest that involved both CARE staff & volunteers and CARE supporters to find this little girl a new name and we ended up with Zara - a name just as pretty as her sweet face.

Right now Zara is still getting a bottle and getting a little extra love and attention after being moved around quite a bit. She arrived with a broken leg as well, which means that she has had to be kept in a smaller space to restrict her movement so she can heal. But, now she is all better and able to go out and play as much as she wants - and she has an endless amount of energy! She seems happy and content in her new home and we know she will be safe and secure as she grows up.