Sex: Male
Born: October 2015
Loving Adoptive Parents: Erika Graybiel - Sugar Hill, GA 
Loving Sponsors: Kelli McConnell - Lakewood, CO

In December 2016, CARE welcomed 4 new tigers to the facility. Brothers Divali and Nadal and (unrelated to the boys) sisters Naya and Shaanti all came from a facility in Florida that was unable to keep up with their care.

We found out about the tigers only weeks before, and after talking to the owner and the authorities, we agreed to take them....with only days to prepare for their arrival.

We were told that all of the cats were between 2 and 3 years old. But, when they showed up, we found out that was not the case. The boys were tiny, and we later confirmed that they were just over a year old. And, they were perfect!

The brothers entered their new home and immediately began running and playing, and have not stopped since. They are very ACTIVE boys and so obviously at home and happy here, it is a beautiful thing to see!

Because of their new start here at CARE, all of the cats were renamed to have special meaning. Divali's name means Festival of Lights - and he is a bright light that shines on everything around him!