Sex: Female
Born: February 7, 2014
Loving Adoptive Parents: Melissa Westfall - Greenwich, CT
Loving Sponsors: Amber Drew - Los Angeles, CA

In December 2016, CARE welcomed 4 new tigers to the facility. Brothers Divali and Nadal and (unrelated to the boys) sisters Naya and Shaanti all came from a facility in Florida that was unable to keep up with their care.

We found out about the tigers only weeks before, and after talking to the owner and the authorities, we agreed to take them....with only days to prepare for their arrival.

The girls are perfect and gorgeous! Their first steps in their new home were a little tentative, the larger enclosure and grass being strange to them. But they soon relaxed and began acting like they were finally at home. Because of their new start here at CARE, all of the cats were renamed to have special meaning. Naya's name means "new", for her and her sister's new beginning with us.

Naya and her sister are very active girls. They love stalking people, chasing cars, playing with their toys, and rolling around in the grass. It makes our hearts full that they are so happy at CARE!