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L. rufus

Family: Felidae
Sub-family: Felinae
Genus: Lynx
Conservation Status: Least Concern 
Habitat: North Americas 

Bobcats are a medium-sized wild cat that have a range from southern Canada to central Mexico. They are incredibly adaptable and live in a variety of environments. The bobcat is vital to controlling pest populations - and eats anything from small rodents to deer. 

Bobcats have been extensively hunted by humans for their fur as well as for sport. This has led to their decline in certain areas, but overall they have proven to be resilient. Bobcats are easily recognizable by certain physical characteristics: They usually have a ruff on each side of their face giving it a wide appearance. Also, bobcats have pointed, black-tipped ears that usually have a tuft at the end. Most recognizable is their signature bobbed tail and their longer back legs which give them an unusual gait.